Opening Day at the Barn, February 1998.  Players pictured left to right are:  Charlie Durkin, Kevin O'Conner, Rusty Smith, Peter Morris, Pete Palmer, Bob Ruff, Mike Montgomery, Mike O'Rourke, Patrick (Bunky) O'Rourke, Jim Cushwa, Jerry Kilpatrick, Bob Misko, Jake Elicker.

Group Photo for Bringing Hope Home Great Guy Dinner Program, May 2012.  See if you can figure out which guys have been photoshopped into the picture.

Group photo from Annual Barn Hoops Christmas Party, December 20, 2012.  Notice St. Joseph's Coach and Celebrity Guest Phil Martelli, third from the right.  Good get on the part of Rudy Betley who got Phil to attend to everyone's surprise, including Phil's brother-in-law, Larry (Larryville) Phillips. 

Group photo from the Annual Barn Hoops Christmas Party, December 18, 2014.  Notice the proximity of Kellie and Clare O'Rourke to their archnemesis, and one of the twins, Bird Eadie.  Bird is left of Kellie in the photo. The three of them are all smiles prior to their epic grudge match - the Girls vs. the Twins (Bird and Leo Foley). Photo credit: Mary Kay O'Rourke. 

This is the only known surviving photo from Fish's 50th Birthday Tailgate  Bash on Septermber 11, 2016. Pictured left to right are:  Craig and Conner Sidebottom, Leo Foley, Bird Eadie, Charlie Durkin, Peter Morris, Earl Fetzer, Dennis O'Hara, Chuck Creighton.  Photo credit: Very well qualified person "ramdomly" selected by Craig.