Our History . . .
The Barn Hoops Foundation was established in 2006 by a group of friends who play pickup basketball in a very special place. The group originally came together in 1998 when Mike and Mary Kay O'Rourke completed the construction of their new home and accompanying Barn. The Barn was originally conceived as a large garage, storage, and work area. But, Mike miraculously convinced his wife to allow him to include an indoor basketball court in the Barn's design. Mike has been playing basketball his entire life and he wanted a place to host his friends and fellow hoops enthusiasts.

In the early years, the Barn Hoopsters organized efforts to help offset the Barn's operating expenses. However, Mike and Mary Kay were steadfast in refusing offers for assistance with the expenses. Finally, at the group's annual Barn Christmas Party in 2005, Mike suggested that, in lieu of gifts, the group should consider donating to a charitable cause.

The Barn Hoops Foundation was born a short time later. Since early 2006 the foundation has contributed over $170,000 to variety of worthy causes. The most significant contributions have gone to the fight against cancer and services to support and comfort the families of cancer victims.

The foundation is a tribute to the O'Rourke's amazing generosity and it is our way of thanking them for all that they do.